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  • Terms of reservation

Confirmation of booking

Confirmation of booking is only valid upon receipt of a deposit of 30% of the total cost.


i) Confirmation of availability for specific dates as received from “Mata's House” reservations is not considered as a confirmation to a reservation.

A booking is only confirmed upon receipt of a deposit.

ii) The deposit must be received by "Mata's House” no later than the date as specified by the reservation’s department.

iii) Confirmation of the deposit made should also be forwarded to “Mata's House” reservations by email.

For Payments methods please see here

Note: Banking tranfer costs is charged to the customer


For a cancellation of booking, a refund to the deposit is only given under the following conditions.

0% cancellation fee:
Full refund – When a cancellation to the booking has been made with a minimum of 40 days notice (from the date of check in) being given to “Mata's House” reservation’s department.

i) 100% of the deposit is refunded.
ii) Accepted notices are either by fax or email.


100% cancellation fee:
A 100% cancellation fee is charged when a cancellation of the reservation has been made within 39 days from the date of check in.

i) No refund to the deposit is refunded.

*For pre-term departures, there is a cancellation fee equal to the 50% of the remaining rental period (Law 1652/86 Gov.Gaz.167A)

Balance of deposit
The balance to the booking is made at “Mata's House” at the arrival date.

Good to know

Check-in from 14:00 hours

Check-out until 11:00 hours

Pets are not allowed.

Allowed small pets.

Towel change each 5 days per person.

Linen change each 5 days.

The hospitality of extra persons is not allowed.

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